JDGT-100 Semi-auto Paper Cake Cup Machine


JDGT-100 Semi-auto Paper Cake Cup Machine can be used to shape kinds of paper material.It can produce different sizes by changing the mould,such as round,boat shape and some special paper tray,the product is an ideal substitute of the traditional plastic and foam product,it is environment protect product.The machine have some advantages like :simple structure ,reasonable, good machine appearance and simply operation.

Main Technical Parameter

Raw material
Greaseproof paper、aluminium foil paper or other
Paper size
Electrical Supply 220V 50Hz
Total power 2.5KW
Rated Productivity 15-20pcs/min(per working position)
Weight 200KG
Air pressure Air pressure 0.4MPa   Air out-put 0.2--0.3m3/min
Package size 1200(L)×1100(W)×1600(H) mm
We can make the paper cup machine suitable for your requirement.

* We can make the machine  for your requirement.