JBZS-B Double PE Paper Cup Machine


JBZS-B model automatic paper cup forming machine is the latest model which use the high level technical to improve,use the interval paper feeding, ultrasonic(heater) sealing, robot hand cup body transfer, oilling, bottom punching, bottom folding, pre-heating, knurling, cup collection to form the cups, whole machine use the single shaft driving system, open cam system, and gear driving, automatic oil lubrication, machine use the sensor alarming system, it is a idea machine based on old model(three plates chain driving machine model

Main Technical Parameter

Sealing Copper heating Ultrasonic sealing
Size of the cup 3—12oz( max height 115mm)
A:上口直径top diameter:
Min 45mm---Max 80mm
B:下口直径 bottom diameter
Min 35mm---Max 55mm
C:纸杯高度 total height
Min 30mm---Max 80mm
D:翻底高度bottom knurling depth
Min 4mm---Max 12mm
E:卷边直径 rim diameter
Usually Φ2.5---Φ3
Material One-side PE coated paper One-side PE coated paper and two-side PE coated paper
Thickness of paper 150-250gsm 150-450gsm
Speed 65-75pcs/min 65-75pcs/min
Power supply 380V,50HZ or as require 380V,50HZ or as require
Total Power 4.0KW 5.5kw
Machine weight 1000kgs 1100kgs
Measure(L*W*H) 2200 x 1000 x 1600mm 2200 x 1000 x 1600mm
Air supply No require air 0.5Mpa 0.3 m3/min ,(customer need buy a small air compressor)