JWZ-100 Paper Bowl Machine


Main specifications:
Micro-controlled transducer
Step-less speed adjustment
Automatic control adopts optically controlled non contact switch
Automatic Bowl-fan-wall body feeding, sealing
Automatic Bowl bottom feeding, punching, edge curling, knurling
Automatic Bowl top edge curling
Automatic bowls counter

Other specifications:
Paper bowls body side sealing by heater,
Paper bowls bottom sealing by hot air station,
Full automatic
Easy change molds produce different bowls(demand the cups with the same bottom diameter, the same coning)
Easy operating by operator
Easy maintenance with minimum cost
Cheap operating cost and low investment
Additional equipments needed for this bowl machine. (air compressor)
One side PE coated paper bowls use as big capacity for soup bowls,noodle bowls,handy container and other field.

Main Technical Parameter

Paper size: 50oz, 80oz, 130oz,185oz and other sizes
Raw material: Double sides or single PE coated paper
Suitable paper weight: 170--450 g/m2(Recommend 200--350 g/m2 )
Ration productivity: 35-38pcs/min
Electrical supply 380V 60hz
Total power: 8kw
Weight: 2500kg
Overall size: 2900*1600*1800mm


We can manufacture special sizes of paper bowl according to customers advice.